Chance Wellnitz


Column: Conservatives aren't the only ones silenced on campus

Let's start off with some good news: If anyone reading this is disappointed Ann Coulter couldn’t talk freely at UC-Berkeley last week, you can read her 12 bestselling books, join the 1.49 million people she regularly updates on Twitter, or watch one of over 500,000 YouTube videos of her speaking.

Column: UMN should take a side in potential minimum wage hike

Many University of Minnesota-area businesses are bracing themselves for a potential city-wide minimum wage hike in Minneapolis, but the University itself has remained mostly silent on the issue, despite many of its employees and students having a direct stake in the proposal's outcome. Last October, the Minneapolis City Council commissioned a study from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs which found that "raising the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15 an hour would increase the incomes of some 71,000 workers and help lift them out of poverty." However, even if Minneapolis were to pass a minimum wage hike, the University wouldn't necessarily be covered, as Board of Regents policy dictates the school follows the state's prevailing wage regulations. Many of the University's on-campus student-workers must be paid at least $9 an hour, with some making, on average, more than the state’s minimum wage; every student-worker is limited to 29 hours or less per week.

Trump is bad for comedy but lucrative for comedians

Early last week, comedian Dave Chappelle told CBC News, "Trump's kind of bad for comedy." Because the president is on everyone's minds, Chappelle said, many comedians are making the same jokes about him.

Anti-Semitic cases on UMN campus show hate has many faces

On a largely liberal campus in 2017, it's sometimes easy to dismiss the recent anti-Semitic incidents here at the University of Minnesota as empty provocations from fresh-faced kids more interested in the furor rather than the Führer. To ignore this as a possibility would be a lapse in critical thinking.

Stop searching for 'the one' and open yourself to love

Now that we're a week past the chocolate, roses and CVS Valentine’s Day teddy bears, it's time we have a reasonable discussion about love. This talk is necessary because the image of love we celebrate every February is not — as Mariah Carey would say, "just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby" — but a lie that undermines all true meaningful connections we make in our lives. I am, of course, talking about our search for "the one," our "soulmate,” and “the love of our lives." If we haven't found "the one," we're holding out for them.