Chance Wellnitz


Connections in queer spaces

Even with today’s infinite means of communication, it can be difficult for an individual to find their voice. It’s harder yet to be heard — especially for frequently marginalized populations.   Intermedia Arts’ long-running Queer Voices series combats that silencing.

U’s best cold pizza

A Saturday night isn’t complete without a pizza. It was the ubiquitous “favorite food” in kindergarten, and its versatility likely secured it a place in your top ten as you entered young adulthood. However, there’s one thing that remains polarizing: How do you eat the leftovers? Some people will throw the pizza in the microwave, reanimating the slice into a Frankenstein’s monster of the meal it was the night before. Others prefer it cold, which is an entirely different beast.

College Kitchen: Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family and uncomfortable conversations. However, no matter how much you and your family members begin to resemble the stuffed turkey you’ll feast on, there will be leftovers. Unfortunately, refrigerated gravy congeals into something even more unappealing than your uncle’s thoughts on next year’s election. Don’t settle for a turkey sandwich and microwaved sweet potatoes. A&E compiled and tested three nontraditional recipes for your traditional Thanksgiving leftovers. No microwave required.

After the scare

The Soap Factory has a documented history of scaring Minneapolis.   The iconic art space’s annual Haunted Basement exhibit just completed its ninth year making patrons say “uncle.” However, when Minnesota Public Radio ran a story saying

A voice for children

If you were a child within the last 40 years, chances are you’ve heard Raffi Cavoukian’s music. Whether making calls on his bananaphone or brushing his teeth for fun, Raffi gave kids all across the country something to sing about.

Native American history hits the runway

Delina White learned traditional Native beadwork from her grandmother. When White’s grandmother assembled handbags in her Onigum, Minn., home, she let 6-year-old White play with her beads and sequins.

‘Midwestern miserablism’

Finding success in filmmaking is a near impossible dream. After months or even years of struggling to find a cast, the time and the money, success is never a guarantee.   Minnesota filmmaker C.B. Jacobson is more than ready for the task. Jacobson’s debut feature, “This Loneliness,” screens at this year’s Twin Cities Film Festival in St.