Chris Iverson


U area buildings embody generations of stories

As I was biking to my house in the sleepy Como neighborhood last week, I stopped and observed a classic house demolition on the corner of Seventh Street Southeast and 15th Avenue Southeast. This house, along with several other units, an old apartment building and a row of townhomes, is leaving to make way for another apartment complex. The developer, CPM Development, is financing a 202-room structure and continuing the growth of near-campus student housing.

We’re on the road to a driverless future

If I still have any loyal readers out there, you are probably getting tired of listening to me talk about non-motorized transportation. I apologize for blabbering about the wondrous world of movement, but I feel like shifting gears for a little while — pun intended. At this point, you know I love transit, biking and walking as viable alternatives to driving. But in rural Minnesota and a majority of the Twin Cities suburbs, it’s pretty hard to get around without having a vehicle. If you do have that magical mobile machine, any destination is reasonably accessible.

Close roads for more pedestrians

The increasing number of options to live near the University of Minnesota campus means that more people are in the area at all times. And with more people, there’s more demand for space to live, study, shop, work and eat happily.

What should be built in Stadium Village?

“We’re gonna need a bigger proposal.” This line, derived from the 1975 classic “Jaws,” also directly applies to the mass building expansion seen around campus these days. Yes, the boat is the available land in the area and the massive shark is the developers and construction sites, looking to devour and construct more and more blocks.

The salary of coaching amateur athletes

The Minnesota men’s basketball team won the National Invitation Tournament 65-63 on Thursday in a competitive game against Southern Methodist University. With the championship victory, the Gophers garnered their most wins in a season since the vacated 1997-98 outing. Although they won the NIT, first-year head coach Richard Pitino will not receive any additional bonuses to his $1.2 million base salary.

What does Dinkytown need in its retail vacancy?

The famed Hibbing, Minn., singer-songwriter Bob Dylan famously sang, “The times they are a-changin’.” Appropriately, Dylan’s old stomping grounds in Dinkytown are seemingly changing as fast as the melting snow.

Fall breakers: Should we have an autumn respite?

Well, time to go back to reality, I suppose. As we all rest from our spring break hangover and get readjusted to the continually thawing University of Minnesota campus, at least we can partake in a reverie.

U needs more winter activities

It’s time for a weather-related heart-to-heart. This winter has sucked, and there’s really no other way to put it. Yes, I’m an out-of-state student at the University of Minnesota, but after three winters here, I thought I had conquered what locals call “balmy” conditions. But this winter has been just like my high school love interest dumping me on the night of the winter dance: heartbreaking, bone-chilling, unforgiving and just downright mean.

The U area doesn’t need additional parking

As a columnist, I have a great opportunity to present opinions that college-age readers might not otherwise consider. In a similar light, readers have an opportunity to read opinions from multiple columnists in this paper.

Move forward by funding transportation

Once it becomes bearable enough to actually go outside, take a quick stroll down your street. What do you notice? Is the street properly paved, without huge cracks or potholes? Is the lane paint still visible? Can you easily follow bike lanes? In general, does your street look like you could safely travel on it? If the answer is no, well, you’re probably in Minnesota.