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Grad School hopes to introduce free summer program this year

Graduate students could have access to new academic and career development opportunities starting this summer. As part of the University of Minnesota Graduate School’s recent efforts to improve the experience and resources available to students, the school hopes to create a free summer program for academic and professional development this year. “We really want to provide the opportunity for students to better prepare themselves academically and professionally,” said Fen Chen, an academic and professional development specialist at the Graduate School.

Graduate School boosts cross-department programs

A group of graduate students from academic fields across the University of Minnesota gathers twice a month in the Nolte Center with the aim of collaborating with people from outside their departments. Many people who study multiple subjects say this interdisciplinary work can be tough to do. However, the Graduate School has this year expanded its resources for doing so through programs like the Interdisciplinary Commons, with a goal to increase the pool of students studying across disciplines.

Basketball player McNeil charged with assault

A University of Minnesota basketball player is suspended from the team as he faces assault charges. Sophomore guard Daquein McNeil strangled his girlfriend of 10 months and then beat her with a belt, according to a complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court. He was charged Wednesday with one felony count of third-degree assault and a felony count of domestic assault by strangulation. McNeil faces up to eight years in prison and a $15,000 fine if convicted on both charges.

Gophers basketball player charged with assault

A University of Minnesota basketball player was charged with two felonies Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Sophomore guard Daquein McNeil beat his girlfriend with a belt and threatened to ruin her life, according to a detention order filed in Hennepin County District Court. He faces one felony count of third-degree assault and a felony count of domestic assault by strangulation. McNeil could spend up to eight years in prison and face $15,000 in fines if convicted on both charges.

Grad and professional student bullying rises

From verbal attacks to threats, graduate and professional students are increasingly experiencing harassment and bullying at the University of Minnesota, according to surveys. “… I’ve lost all desire for research because of the continual harassment and hostile environment I’ve experienced,” an anonymous student said in a recent survey. “I never thought I would give up on research, but I guess anything’s possible. I’ve given up.”

Grad School seeks fellowship funding

Amid concerns of a lack of financial support for graduate students, the University of Minnesota’s Graduate School has plans to boost fellowship funding. Although school leaders want to increase future fellowship opportunities for its graduate students, some students and faculty members say that could be challenging and the University could provide more resources to help students seek and apply for outside funding.

Grad school to help international students

Originally from Japan, Takehito Kamata faced challenges far greater than simply navigating a new campus when he came to the University of Minnesota for graduate school. International graduate students must adjust to the American higher education system and academic expectations. And to help those students navigate the University and feel more at home, the Graduate School is taking steps to ensure they are supported.

Millennials choose to share, divvy costs

Flat screen TVs, bikes and mopeds are items that many college students may consider essential, but they may not fall in a typical college student’s price range. And businesses haven’t shied away from the challenge of finding a way for young consumers to share the costs of or share the possessions they already own.

Fighting the odds

Most would agree that Malik Day’s high school resume is impressive. Besides a 3.75 GPA, Day was a member of the National Honor Society, a volunteer, a boxer and a varsity football player — all while working nearly 40 hours a week to support his family. But Day’s experiences in high school, and his high GPA at the University of Minnesota, aren’t what make him stand out among his peers.

Student card counters try to beat odds

Student coaches on the craft of card counting meet with a group of about a dozen fellow classmates in a crammed Pioneer Hall dorm room once a week — but not for an underground gambling ring. The new school group, Card Counting at the University of Minnesota, aims to teach rookies the fundamentals of counting cards and to help the more experienced members sharpen their skills through imitating card games, like blackjack, where counting may give players an advantage.