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UMN to celebrate 50th anniversary of pancreatic transplant

Since the 1960s, the University of Minnesota has performed the most pancreatic transplants in the world. On May 19, the University will host a celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first successful pancreatic transplant in 1966.

As a prison choir director, one UMN student uses music for rehabilitation

Amanda Weber believes music is an integral part of rehabilitating incarcerated women. After studying prison choirs for her master’s degree, Weber, a University of Minnesota music doctoral student, had an opportunity to conduct a women’s prison choir in Minnesota. Voices of Hope is part of the Shakopee Minnesota Correctional Facility’s education program.

UMN group brings awareness to issue of sex trafficking

A University of Minnesota student group is pushing for federal funding for legislation that provides grants to organizations in hopes of cutting rates of modern-day slavery in half. The group is a chapter of International Justice Mission, a nonprofit organization working to fight sexual violence, police brutality and sex trafficking, among other issues.

Jambo Kitchen opens doors on West Bank

Jambo Kitchen, a new West Bank restaurant, opened its doors last week to free bowls of food and tacos. The menu features food from the Middle East, Eastern Africa and Asia.

Board of Regents student reps push to separate UMN race data

Student Representatives to the Board of Regents called on the University of Minnesota to disaggregate student data, which currently doesn’t distinguish ethnic subgroups. In a presentation of its annual report to regents late last month, representatives said more specific data on the racial and ethnic background of University students would lead to a better understanding of the student body.

New research explores history of housing discrimination in Minneapolis

When historian Kirsten Delegard returned to Minneapolis after 20 years, she discovered that little had been done to understand the history of race in the city. Now, a project by the Augsburg College scholar, Mapping Prejudice, explores how housing discrimination has led to current racial disparities in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is one of the most segregated cities in the United States.

Study shows Millennials are anxious about the topic of health insurance

New research shows that millennials — those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s — know much less about health insurance than their older counterparts. The study, conducted by the Blue Cross Blue Shield, found that most senior citizens are familiar with health insurance and understand the terminology that pertains to it. The study also said millennials are familiar with texting acronyms but their knowledge drops by 30 percent when it comes to health insurance terms. For one out of five millennials, health insurance is a significant source of anxiety, the study found. “Health insurance seems like a big stressor,” said sophomore Foluso Famuyide.

UMN student creates Spanish-language podcast with local Latino community in mind

After working with Latino school kids and parents in Minneapolis, Antonio Elias and Mitch Roldan wanted to give local Latinos a new platform for news. Elias, a University of Minnesota student, and Roldan, a Minneapolis Public Schools employee, created Hablando Franco — a Spanish-language podcast that will feature news and commentary.