Cindy Simba


New education secretary worries some UMN educators, students

After a controversial appointment, some education experts at the University of Minnesota are worried that new education secretary Betsy Devos could negatively impact future teachers’ training. Devos has advocated for non-conventional practices in teacher training, and her potential policies could affect how teacher-training curriculum is presented at the College of Education and Human Development. Cynthia Lewis, chair of the curriculum and instruction department, said Devos’ advocacy for alternative teacher training might “de-professionalize teachers.” Lewis said the alternative training requires less education than what is currently required. Students hoping to be educators have also expressed concerns. “I’m just a little worried about finding a job when I graduate, because I don’t know how she’s going to change things,” said Mai Chia Lee, an elementary education senior. Devos has expressed support for opening new pathways into higher education for more students.