Cleo Krejci


Peer-tutoring sees record traffic

If current trends hold, fall 2017 could be the most trafficked semester based on numbers dating back to 2010 for the free learning resource. 

Students struggle with religious holiday norms

The University’s policies let students and faculty request time off from classes and work for religious observances. The policies prefer students to ask for time off “as soon as possible,” though it’s not required.    However, the necessity of requesting time-off for holidays not included in the academic calendar — which provides automatic days off for some Christian observances — leaves many students feeling uneasy.

University doctor heads to Puerto Rico with medical supplies

A Puerto Rican flag hangs on a wall in Dr. Miguel Fiol’s office at the University of Minnesota — a symbol of his home country and a reminder of his roots. After seeing Hurricane Maria devastate his country first-hand, Fiol and a team of four doctors departed for Puerto Rico on Sunday to assist those affected.