Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: Stay mentally healthy in 2018

As all students know, staying mentally alert and healthy can be one of the most difficult challenges that students face. It’s no news that mental health becomes harder to manage during the winter — the reduced daylight, cold temperature and snow can adversely affect our ability to stay mentally healthy.

Editorial: Democrats should be more willing to reach bipartisanship on immigration reform

Standing ground and sticking to liberal principles and policies may gain Democrats a political advantage in the upcoming 2018 midterms. However, right now, the battle wages to stop the deportation of DACA recipients, renew the Child Health Insurance Program and many other policy issues. Democrats, now more than ever, must decide if the long-term is more important than the short-term, and the issue is far from black and white.

Editorial: Al Franken should resign

While the consequences for these these allegations go beyond Franken's job, he should immediately resign as his past actions do not reflect the principles that our government leaders should adhere to. 

Editorial: Student impacts should be valued in tax reform

Under the House of Representatives’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, University of Minnesota students would see repeals in many tax exemptions, provisions and credits they currently enjoy. Amidst claims by Republican leaders that the tax bill would cut taxes for middle class families, the House bill would burden many families that send students to receive post-secondary education. 

Editorial: Voters should engage representatives

With such a divided Congress and shocking policy changes, it is important to remember that a citizen's vote in still important outside of elections. There are plenty of ways for citizens to engage government officials and curve policy, without monopolizing their time and still being effective.