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Editorial: Developing pronoun policy needs to be enforceable and fair

An act of inclusiveness by the University of Minnesota has become one of the most controversial topics on campus. The University's proposed gender expression policy would allow students to select their personal pronouns for use on campus. Though the University is correct in allowing students to identify their gender, it's only one of many steps that need to be taken to create a safe and welcoming campus.

Editorial: The student responsibility to shape the community

At the University of St. Thomas last month, a student woke up to the words “N***** Go Back” written on the door to his dorm. This sparked not only student outrage, but also action across the campus. The Black Empowerment Student Alliance organized a sit-in as well as an opportunity to have a conversation with students about the racist and discriminatory events that took place. 

Editorial: The University's involvement in the CIP should be a guarantee

Early last week, the University of Minnesota recently pulled out of — and then entered back into — the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP), a statewide energy efficiency program. While the program is effective for the University campus, it’s alarming that the University considered not continuing with the program in the first place.

Editorial: Ensuring academic success in minority communities

The Minnesota Daily reported in October that the University of Minnesota graduation rates for African American students are relatively low compared to other populations of the student body. From 2013 to 2016, only 58.1 percent of African American students had graduated within six years. These statistics were pulled from the University of Southern California’s Race and Equity Center, which gave the university an "F" grade in how equitable our campus is for minorities.

Editorial: How we can employ a better civic engagement

The United States political climate continues to remain as polarized as ever. Fortunately, this rough political climate also continues to promote civic engagement in Americans who, until this point, hadn’t even thought about casting a ballot, let alone voting early, casting an absentee ballot or physically engaging with organizers.

Editor's note: How we endorsed

Over the past several weeks, the four members of the Minnesota Daily's Editorial Board have interviewed six candidates for state and federal offices. We selected candidates to interview based on polling from several sources, choosing only the top two candidates. Candidates in third-place were not interviewed for endorsements because none were in viable positions that pointed to them being elected. 

Editorial: The Minnesota Daily endorses Tim Walz for Governor of Minnesota

This year, many of the main campaign issues reflect those of past elections. Housing and living expenses continue to rise in the Twin Cities and in greater Minnesota. Although many solutions may specifically focus on housing itself, there are many factors, like financial burdens, that play into the issue. Factors regarding child care, public transportation, policing and immigration all need to be addressed in order to make Minnesota a more affordable and welcoming place. 

Editorial: The Minnesota Daily's endorsement for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District

Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District is one of the major urban-centered districts in Minnesota, spanning eastern Hennepin County and parts of Anoka and Ramsey counties. This year, the District’s decade-long representative, Keith Ellison, decided to seek election as Minnesota’s Attorney General. This leaves the door open for challengers across the board. 

Editorial: The Minnesota Daily's endorsement for Minnesota House District 60B

House District 60B is experiencing change this election cycle, as the first Somali-American legislator Rep. Ilhan Omar, DFL-Minneapolis, has vacated the seat for a chance to represent Minnesota in Congress. This leaves the door open for multiple candidates who, if elected, will be representing over 35,000 residents on the University of Minnesota campus and Augsburg University, as well as the surrounding communities of Cedar-Riverside, Southeast Como and Marcy Holmes.

Editorial: Don't face midterms alone

As midterm season rapidly approaches, it’s important to efficiently and effectively prepare for exams and practice self-care. Tackling midterms is easier with the right support, and this is your reminder to seek help when it is needed.The University of Minnesota offers tools and resources to help you both academically and mentally. Here are some of the most useful resources on campus.