Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: UMPD budget should remain untouched

Amid a relatively peaceful yet frigid spring semester, the University of Minnesota Police Department continues to serve the University community and keep our expansive campus relatively safe. Although UMPD has handled campus safety smoothly, questions have surfaced regarding UMPD funding and the limit of its capabilities.  

Editorial: 'It Ends Here' a well-rounded and important MSA campaign

Just last week, the Minnesota Student Association launched a wide-spread campaign aiming to combat sexual assault on campus. This movement is what this campus needs. The “It Ends Here” campaign attempts to tackle many facets of sexual misconduct by attempting to curb culture, conversation and policy on the University of Minnesota campus. 

Editorial: Sinclair Broadcast Group's message very troubling

The unveiling of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s methods and motives is a great opportunity to remind the general public that media diversity is incredibly important, regardless of ideology. Unfortunately, this incident is evidence that some media may be biased to a fault, and incorporating news from several sources, platforms and media has never been more necessary.  

Editorial: Residents need to provide feedback on Minneapolis 2040 plan

Although Minneapolis 2040 is still being drafted, it will attempt to curb policy within the city for years to come, and will affect every policy from transportation reform and parks and open space to public health and methods for battling the rising housing costs. With such a large impending plan making its way to final vote and approval at the end of the year, there are many policies that need to be reviewed and possibly reworked.  

Editorial: With Noor, let due process take its course

On July 15, 2017, Justine Damond was fatally shot by then Minneapolis Police officer Mohamed Noor after she had called 911 to report a possible assault outside in southwest Minneapolis. This news shocked the Twin Cities, especially after the police shooting of Philando Castile in 2016. 

Editorial: The future of the gun reform movement

On the morning of Saturday, March 24, thousands gathered across the nation in March for Our Lives rallies. Ever since the deadly mass shooting on Feb. 14 in Parkland, Florida, the fight against gun violence has progressed with full force. The students who survived the massacre were the first ones to speak up, and have since gained the mass media’s attention. 

Editorial: ACEC should reform policies, increase transparency

The ACEC must change aspects of the election process to ensure that the bias of mismanagement does not affect the results. If the ACEC takes its vital function on campus with enthusiasm, lackluster attendance and turnout are simple facts of an election. However, given all the problems with this year’s election process, the deficiencies are too hard to ignore.