Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: UMN Divest referendum should not pass

We understand the concerns the authors of the referendum have against the various human rights violations by many actors, including the state of Israel. However, the philosophy of divestment oversteps support against human rights violations into a far more nuanced and multifaceted discussion that necessitates further debate and discussion. For this reason, we do not support the passing of the UMN Divest referendum. 

Editorial: Students should vote for student government

As students on this campus, we need to participate in the election in order for our voices to be heard. All students have some level of interest in how our university is being run. For those interests to be upheld we need to choose the most fit candidates. 

Editorial: Proposed changes to the Student Conduct Code aren't the problem

A Student Conduct Code change was recently proposed that would include an updated policy holding student groups liable for any conduct they direct, sponsor or endorse that violates the University's conduct code. The groups would also be held liable if a student group's officers fail to prevent misconduct that occurs during a group event. Previously, student groups were exempt from such punitive actions. Over the past few weeks, many students have become frustrated with the potential implications of this change in the conduct code. Their frustrations mainly arise from the impact it will have on student protest. 

Editorial: Student group endorsement processes matter

We believe that student groups ought to follow a methodological and rigorous process to identify the candidate that best aligns with their values. This rigorous process should involve a discussion with the entire student body of the group, and not simply the one or two few leaders that are on the student board. This is important, because after all, the student group represents the opinion of the entire organization with their endorsement.

Editorial: Safety should be weighed appropriately for Shapiro visit

On Monday, Feb. 26, the University of Minnesota will be hosting conservative pundit Ben Shapiro in the St. Paul Student Center, much to the apparent dismay of several organizing conservative student groups and even Shapiro himself. The animosity stems from the venue location, with some feeling as if the event was pushed to St. Paul because of Shapiro’s ideology and views. 

Editorial: Student engagement initiative for UMPD should be applauded

Community engagement organizations should play a significant part of our community, both on and off campus. Law enforcement's goal, according to their nationwide motto, remains to “protect and serve.” That goal cannot be accomplished unless an open line of communication is established and remains a factor in how policing gets accomplished. With police/community relations tense, given the current climate, any peaceful way to engage with law enforcement should be welcomed and utilized. 

Editorial: Increase year-round efforts to combat sex trafficking

With the recent Super Bowl, there has been a significant increase in the concerns about sex trafficking. The increase in concern is obviously well-placed. Sex trafficking is an issue that warrants more attention, and necessitates strong policy to combat. However, the idea that the Super Bowl is the reason for this is largely a myth that has important consequences. 

Editorial: Campus should not call for class cancellation so quickly

Students, faculty, staff and parents received several emergency notices indicating a developing situation at the Graduate Hotel in Stadium Village Monday morning. The situation continued for the next 38 hours as police conducted negotiations with a man on the sixth story of the hotel.