Danylo Loutchko


Taking flight

For sailors, the sparrow used to be a bittersweet sign: It meant that land was near but also that their adventure was about to come to an end.     Live Action Set’s devised show, “The Sparrow,” explores endings and beginnings through

Eight ways to play it

Alto saxophonist and composer Steve Lehman uses the word “jazz” not as a confining genre label, but as a jumping-off point into a realm of intense musical experimentation.  His eight-piece group, the Steve Lehman Octet, plays at th

Staging a sonic odyssey

Watch out, hearing aids — Moll is a girl who invents a machine that lets people hear sounds that can’t be heard.     Swandive Theatre’s production of “Kid Simple: a radio play in the flesh” is obsessed with the imaginative

Prides and joy

Obviously, Minnesota’s wildlife is vastly different from the wildlife of the African plains.   

Baptism by fire and disco

Pouring molten iron and jamming out to disco music aren’t two activities that usually go together.     

Don’t worry, be happy

Four Humors Theater’s “We Gotta Cheer Up Gary” centers on a strange bureaucratic social service in charge of cheering people up in one-on-one appointments.      In the performance, which opens 

From side player to solo collaborator

What do The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Stevie Wonder all have in common?     At one point, they all counted David Sanborn as their saxophone player.