Dylan Anderson


On his last day in office, Kaler bids farewell to the University

“My wife Karen and I are grateful for our eight years in this role, and we will always view it as the honor of a lifetime to have served you,” said University President Eric Kaler in a statement to the University during his last day in office. “I’ll leave the leadership of the University in the talented hands of Joan Gabel. With her, we are well positioned for a strong future.”

UMN unveils remodeled lib ed draft plan

A committee tasked with overhauling the University of Minnesota’s liberal education requirements has three draft plans making their way around the University community, including several major changes. The curriculum has largely been unchanged since the ‘90s.

UMN deals with declining transfer applications

Since a peak in transfer student applications in 2011, the number of transfer applications has declined overall by more than 22 percent, while the number of transfers enrolled has remained largely stagnant. About half of transfers surveyed saying they feel they a sense of belonging at the University, according to the 2018 Students Experience in the Research University survey.

Kaler proposes 2.5% tuition hike to regents

A proposed tuition increase of 2.5 percent for resident undergraduates on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus will be presented to the Board of Regents for a vote later this month.