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UMN regents outline year's priorities

As Gabel welcomed new Gophers, she emphasized the diversity of the incoming freshman class, saying they are the “most diverse class in a generation, in every way we define that word.”

Making higher ed great again: Trump seeks workforce-geared education

While specific proposals are not outlined on his campaign website, in March, the White House detailed policy goals to better align education with the workforce needs of a modern economy, to reform student loans and to continue reducing the regulative reach of the government.

Ska-U-Mah: UMN creates new reggae institute

“In the 21st century, a music school should be more inclusive,” said Paul Shaw, a Jamaican classical pianist and professor in the School of Music. “It shouldn’t just be limited to the conservatory model … where you study theory and classical traditions.” 

Higher education policy a focus of Democratic presidential primary

Debt and the cost of college are the focus of several Democratic presidential candidates' campaigns ahead of the 2020 Democratic primary. Policy statements range from offering student loan refinancing at lower interest rates to canceling all student debt. Some candidates have proposed no-cost community college, while others seek to make all public colleges tuition free.