Eliana Schreiber


CBS conservatory contains rare plants

The University of Minnesota can credit oak, maple and pine trees for its picturesque collegiate landscape, but Venus flytraps and chocolate trees make up some of St.

Corpse flower a late bloomer

The absence of a rotten meat stench disappointed thousands of visitors to the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences Conservatory this weekend.     Instead, crowds saw a 5-foot plant that didn’t smell quite as putrid as th

Vets say keep dogs away from ice melt

The ice melt products that keep sidewalks from getting dangerously slippery could be harmful to man’s best friend.     While ingesting small q

Glaciers shaped the U’s campus

The glaciers that formed the neighborhoods and landscape throughout the Twin Cities play an important part in the design of the University of Minnesota campus.  

U offers climate change courses

After world leaders vowed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Paris climate talks last December, two professors have teamed up to help clear the air on global climate change at the University of Minnesota.