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City hosts global climate meeting

This year marks 21 years of United Nations climate change discussions, and Minneapolis was the last stop in a series of environment talks set to conclude in Paris next month.   In preparation for the U.N.

Leaders replan trash system to reduce waste

In order to reduce waste on the Twin Cities campus, University of Minnesota Senate leaders want the school to follow the example of waste policies at other system campuses.

Experts talk clean energy

Clean energy is a central part of everyday life, from the thermostats in houses to the outlets in work and school environments.   To bring awareness of efficient energy to the University of Minnesota, the Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management Student Association (ESA) invited four experts to talk about energy in Minnesota 

U professor to assess lake

The walleye population in Lake Mille Lacs is on the decline, but officials and experts are hoping to turn the tide on this important resource for Minnesota’s tourism economy.   

Sulfate may affect wild rice plants

Sulfate from acid rain, sewage treatment plants, mines and bacteria is creating a harmful byproduct affecting wild rice in Minnesota.   The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and University of Minnesota scientists have been investigating the relationship between sulfate levels in water and the presence of rarely studied wild rice.   John Pastor, a prof

Experts give tips on alcohol safety

Each year an average of 73 people die from alcohol poisoning in Minnesota — one of the highest numbers for any state in the country.   Because of the high death rate, officials say it’s important to educate inexperienced drinkers on how to stay safe while drinking.

Mudslide prompts U research

After the June 2014 landslide, a series of minor mudslides have delayed the repair of the slope along West River Parkway near the University of Minnesota’s West Bank.   Originally set to be finished in October, the project&r

Professors develop alcohol intervention tool

A team of professors and alcohol policy experts announced a new preventative tool for addressing binge drinking on college campuses last week.   The tool, called the College Alcohol Intervention Matrix and partly developed by University faculty members, compares various high-risk drinking prevention strategies to determine wh

Lion expert shares his experiences

Craig Packer had his first encounter with Africa while studying baboons in Tanzania when he was an undergraduate in the late ’60s and early ’70s.   And after a yearlong study of primates in Japan, he returned to head a lion research project in Serengeti National Park in 1978.    Packer is now the director of the University of Minnesota’s

No new bird flu cases found in MN

Researchers and farmers are monitoring specific regions statewide after a contagious strain of bird flu broke out earlier this year.   University of Minnesota and state researchers expect a comeback in the disease — which hasn’t been detected in the st