Erik Nelson


Coffman restaurants petitioned for longeroperating hours

Tricia Kingsley came to Coffman Union before a night class recently to eat dinner, but was surprised to find only Bene Pizza and the M Deli open. Kingsley, a first-year University student, previously visited the dining area of Coffman only around noon, when the union's food court is livelier. She said she was surprised and frustrated that more restaurants weren't open later than 4 p.m. in the Minnesota Marketplace. And she's not alone.

Bush tax plan offers no short term stimulus

In Thursday's issue of the Daily, the basic facts of the George W. Bush tax plan proposal were summarized. It was also said that richer Americans would disproportionably benefit from the tax plan. In Friday's issue of the Daily, the theoretical merits of the tax plan were discussed. The proposal's potential drawbacks

Tax cut designed to increase consumer spending

In the first part of this series, President George W. Bush's $674 billion tax and spending proposal was summarized. The proposal includes $350 billion in dividend tax relief and various reductions in personal income tax rates. Data indicates that richer Americans, especially those who own stock, would disproportionately benefit from the enactment of Bush's proposal. Theoretical merits

Shareholders benefit most from Bush's tax plan

On Jan. 7, President George W. Bush detailed a tax cut and spending package that will be presented to Congress later this winter or spring. According to the Bush administration, the package would take approximately $674 billion out of federal government coffers over the next 10 years. The cost to the federal government would be front-loaded; in 2003 alone the package would cost the federal government approximately $100 billion.

Ken Pentel is only genuine candidate for reform

Despite all the bellyaching we do about our lives, most Minnesotans would, upon reflection, conclude that their lives are extremely comfortable. The great majority of us have access to warm shelter, a steady stream of cash that is more than necessary for basic needs, a myriad food choices, reliable transportation and a plethora of amusing entertainment distractions. Except for a stray bullet here or there and a barroom fight now and then, most of the violence we experience is either fake, staged or in lands far, far away.