Grace Kramer


The Girls celebrate the holidays

Many years ago the Minneapolis-based musical group the Girls planned on retiring. The group consisted of six women who performed interchangeably in smaller groups.   Before retirement, the Girls decided to stage one final show.    “Our final show we chose to use all six of the Girls,” group member Judi Vinar said. “That started a trend.

American Swedish Institute celebrates Nordic Christmas traditions

As an annual holiday tradition, Lena Norrman sets out a bowl of porridge to please the tomte —  a folkloric elf-like character who visits children on Christmas Eve. Norrman, who is the University of Minnesota’s Swedish program coordinator, said she is proud to uphold the custom even though her sons have grown up. “I think it’s important to be familiar with other cultures,” Norrman said. “I had to move from Sweden and understand American culture. It broadens views and perspectives.”

The Twin Cities from behind the lens

Four artists, four subjects, angles and styles — each one trying to let the audience see the world through his or her eyes. For four Minneapolis-based photographers, the city is more than skylines and the Mississippi River. It is their canvas, and their cameras allow them to capture the city in new ways.

Culture Compass

Listen to this:   “Love Me”   English indie rock band the 1975 released its new single, “Love Me,” on Oct. 8. The new song has an ’80s feel, seemingly channeling “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads.

Celebrating rock ’n’ roll legends

Mick Sterling started his Twin Cities music career in 1980. For a few years, he fumbled around in different bands until he hit his stride in 1988 and started performing 200 gigs a year.

‘Suburbia’ hits the Twin Cities

To many, the word suburbia produces ideas of a generic, “Stepford Wives” way of living. Suburbs are often associated with simplicity and accessibility not offered in the city.