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‘Detail’ oriented

Twin cities beatmaker and genre-bender Eric Mayson never expected to find himself on television, let alone on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”    Thanks to an encounter with frequent collaborator Lizzo, he set off for New York City a week ago, although Mayson thought Lizzo was joking when she first presented him with the offer.   “Lizzo was singing in Mina Moore’s band, and she came up to me saying, ‘Hey Mayson, I l


Eat this:   Kimchee Grilled Cheese at Lowry Hill Meats   Seven dollars gets you the best grilled cheese sandwich in the Twin Cities, thanks to the good folks at the brand new Lowry Hill Meats. Located just south of the Walker Art Center, the butcher shop features a sandwich menu alongside an excellent meat and cheese selection.

Be the city you love

Local fashionista Sarah Edwards puts on countless shows each year for free in addition to juggling work for other events and a creative career. She’s one of those people who look like they have it all together, but by her admission, she doesn’t.   “I think I’ve been trying to embrace this idea of not sounding perfect or [that] everything’s great,” Edwards said.

Survival of the Prettiest

Punk rock is the blood of Bruise Violet. All of the band members grew up with parents who spun the good stuff — vocalist Danielle Cusack’s parents were part of the New York City scene in the ’70s and ’80s, spending their nights at CBGB. Cusack’s mother told her she once turned down Joey Ramone when he made a pass at her after a show.

Felonious footwear

As Murder Shoes settled in at the brand new Spyhouse in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood, they fit in well with the polished environment of urbanites sipping on cappuccinos.    Their polish is a façade; however, as Murder Shoes churns out raucous bangers with a dark edge.

How to simplify complexity

Thanks to the taillights of a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, St. Paul became the adopted home of artist Ta-coumba Aiken.   The Lowertown legend’s story of a wrong turn on a journey from suburban Chicago to Madison, Wis., possesses an artful, accidental intuition that characterizes the way he lives.

The Fashionisto is in: Low-cost looks for men

Spending freely on clothing is a surefire route to sartorial panache — but whimsically dropping $200 on a pair of jeans is not an avenue many college students can saunter down.   But the pursuit for good clothing is never impossible, despite lean times and even tighter budgets.

Counterculture at work

The Walker Art Center’s latest exhibition, “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia,” captures the forthright idealism prominent in the 1960s and ’70s hippie culture, where idealism was king and possibility reigned free.    The hundreds of works featured in the exhibition range in size and scope