J.D. Duggan


The state of renters' rights in Minneapolis

A variety of citywide renter protection policies have passed since 2017, and the Minnesota Student Association pushed a bill recently passed by the Legislature to advocate for student renters. But city draft ordinances currently under consideration — which aim to protect prospective renters by limiting security deposits, rental history checks and background checks — have drawn some concern from property owners.

Lawmakers weigh in on UMN funding, tuition

A divided state government led to a compromise in funding: $43.5 million beyond the state’s base appropriations, or half of what the University of Minnesota requested. Lawmakers say the split in party politics primarily led to the outcome.

Meet the new UMN regents

Four new individuals joined the University of Minnesota Board of Regents on May 9, fulfilling a desire for greater diversity. 

UMN needs on hold without state infrastructure funding

The Institute of Child Development’s building at the University of Minnesota was erected in the early 1900s and required $28 million in state funding this year for a replacement. Without a capital investment bill, this project and other University infrastructure needs will roll into future legislative sessions.

‘Vanilla ice cream’ bonding won’t fund University infrastructure

Without a capital investment bill, many stakeholders, including the University of Minnesota, did not see infrastructure or public works funding. While the Republican-controlled Senate never introduced a capital investment bill, lawmakers managed to allocate $160 million for basic needs like housing and roads in other bills.