Jackie Renzetti


Branches of folk

The Pines’ haunting strings and vocals have crept across the country. The Minneapolis-based band has released four full-length albums since 2002. Most recently, the group released “Dark So Gold” in 2012. Over the years, it has played with Mavis Staples, Arcade Fire, Iris DeMent, Mason Jennings, and most recently, S. Carey. Next up, the band will perform at the Cedar Cultural Center with esteemed artist John Trudell. Frontmen David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey first met in Tucson, Ariz.

Vilifying volleys

Zach Nyhus considers himself an “unofficial, unsanctioned audience recruiter” for the comedy show Vilification Tennis. He and his fiancée go to almost every monthly show at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, alongside roughly 100 regular attendees, to watch performers incorporate insult tournaments with improvisational games. “It’s always different; it’s always fresh,” Nyhus said. “The sky is the limit with how [expletive] up they can get; they can be pretty bad. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

A new spin on Shakespeare

When three playwrights wanted to revamp Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” they turned to the Bard’s other work. Writers Dominique Serrand, Steven Epp and Nathan Keepers of the Moving Company, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit theater company, retained Shakespeare’s original plotline of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” and removed its dialogue to make room for lines from each of the playwright’s pieces.

Another cup of coffee

In 1995, Michael Donley, Bill Arnold and Bob Stromberg met for a cup of coffee. By the end of the visit, they had decided to create the show that became Triple Espresso, which is opening for its 20th season in Minneapolis on Friday. The comedy ran continuously for 13 years before switching its stretch to holiday seasons. Donley, Arnold and Stromberg will appear along with Brian Kelly, Paul Somers, Patrick Albanese and Dane Stauffer throughout its run.

Just jugglin'

Chatter and the occasional thump of a plastic club hitting the floor filled the annex of Northrop Auditorium as members of the University of Minnesota Juggling Club practiced their craft. The casual atmosphere will carry into the club’s Flip Fest this weekend. The three-day affair involves open juggling in Coffman Union’s Great Hall — where anyone may watch or join in — and a show on Saturday. Like typical juggling festivals, Flip Fest allows jugglers to connect, teach and learn with each other, but it also has a unique focus on teaching newcomers.

Interpol to play First Avenue

When Daniel Kessler registered for classes at New York University, he didn’t know he’d meet two future bandmates on campus and later sign a record deal. Interpol consists of Kessler on guitar, front man-turned-bassist Paul Banks, drummer Sam Fogarino, and ex-bassist Carlos Dengler. The band’s 2002 debut album, “Turn On the Bright Lights,” introduced its characteristic melancholy sound.

Crawling for charity

This weekend, 1,000 donut fanatics will participate in the first Twin Cities Donut Crawl. The sold-out pastry party, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, came from humble beginnings. Last December, Angie King and Randy Kowlessar, two of the four masterminds behind the project, organized an event dubbed “Sugar Slam” for about ten friends to visit different donut shops and discuss each treat. The other two crawl organizers, Jason Westplate and Bill Svoboda, were in attendance.

Garland Jeffreys to play Dakota Jazz Club

At 71 years old, singer-songwriter Garland Jeffreys holds playing with Bruce Springsteen, Levon Helm and Lou Reed as his claims to fame. Jeffreys gained acclaim in the ’70s with singles such as “Wild in the Streets” and “Matador,” the latter of which hit the top five on European music charts. His style mixes rhythm and blues, reggae and country vibes.

Slowdive to play at the Fine Line

After nearly 20 years of inactivity, British shoegaze band Slowdive has hit the road again for a new destination in their career.

A new page for Nick Jonas

Maintaining his calm, cool and collected demeanor, 22-year-old Nick Jonas said “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain” are two of his favorite Prince songs.