Jared Hemming


Exploring the tension

Amoke Kubat is the titular angry black woman in her new play “ANGRY BLACK WOMAN and Well Intentioned White Girl” — but she didn’t start out that way.  

Diary in a different medium

As Frankie Cosmos, singer-songwriter Greta Kline released a prolific amount of albums on Bandcamp before signing with Double Double Whammy records to release “Zentropy” in 2014.     

Getting the giggles

Comedian Shane Mauss does a fair amount of drugs, but he doesn’t like the moniker “drug guy.”  

Stepsister act

When you’re a teenager dreaming of forming a band, including your little stepsister in the group is usually pretty low on the priority list.     At age 9, Kelli Mayo was determined to join the band her stepsister Peyton Bighorse, then 14, was for

Lost and profound

If you look inside the nearest garbage can, you might find an object that would fascinate Cassandra Buck or Charlie Nestor.

Getting back to sincerity

Usually an album’s title inspires the cover art. When Leo Vondracek had his photos taken for his first record as Joey Joey Michaels, however, that process worked in reverse.   “I kept doing a fake smile, [but] it wasn’t on purpose,” Vondracek said. “I was feeling weird that I paid someone to take pictures of me. I’d never done that, and I felt awkward.”

Bursting your own bubble

Any time someone snaps a selfie on campus, they contribute to a larger portrait of the University of Minnesota.     At least that’s what photographer Wing Young Huie said he thinks.    

Remixing history

The importance of citing sources is an early learned lesson for most college students. For University of Minnesota associate professor Jenn