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Attendance appreciated

It’s not easy to do the same performance in different cities night after night while on tour.     For New York-based choreographer Faye Driscoll and and her group, however, each new audience keeps the show fresh.  

Shape-shifting music

At this moment in Mary Halvorson’s career, solo guitar is more important than a guitar solo.     The jazz-trained, avant-rock guitarist released her debut “Meltframe” last year, a record where her guitar is the only instrument in the

The Doktor is in

Other than Facebook, it’s hard to think of large, focused collectives who started in a dorm.     Add Doks Robotiks to that list.

The kids are motivated

While they were juniors in high school, the members of Pseudoubt wanted their friends in the band. One problem — some of those friends weren’t musicians. So Pseudoubt’s beat producer Adrian Williams, rapper Max Finch-Raymond and guitarist Jack Madson brought in 11 other creative pals to create a new art label: Desoplex Records. “We’re collaborating, but we all bring such a different individual focus,” Finch-Raymond said. “We all have really different personalities, and it’s a weird thing that we all get along.”

Building characters: fiction writer Matt Burgess visiting Weisman

Nurturing fantasies of writing the Great American Novel isn’t easy. But for author Matt Burgess, the decision to pursue a graduate degree in creative writing was simple. Burgess, who teaches at Macalester College, earned his Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at the University of Minnesota in 2010, soon before publishing his first novel, “Dogfight, a Love Story.”

Anarchy abounds in ‘EF! The Musical’

The cast of “EF! The Musical” read the show’s script for the first time last Tuesday. And one week later, the experimental musical about the anarchic environmental group, Earth First!, is ready to premiere at the University of Minnesota’s Rarig Center. The show’s director Maren Ward said she wanted to produce a work about Earth First! — a rebellious political organization dedicated to environmental policy — long before the production began.

The Miami Dolphins’ polymorphic punk

Despite the misleading NFL connotation, the folks in the Miami Dolphins seldom think about their name. Though the Minneapolis band’s rollicking rock ‘n’ roll swirl bears no relation to the Florida football team, the musicians have received a spectrum of reactions from fans — from receiving Dan Marino jerseys as gifts to a plethora of internet rage. “When we got written up on [music blog] Brooklyn Vegan, everyone hated the name,” guitarist Patrick Larkin said. “I like that it’s polarizing.”

Wash of sound: Minneapolis shoegaze band Waveless

For Waveless, the band’s northern location suits its sound and sensibility.  “Someone in the South told us that we sound very cold,” singer/guitarist Dustin McChesney said. While touring the country, he said, people would find it easy to pinpoint where the shoegaze band is from.The wintery impression is perfect for McChesney, bassist Hannah Kathleen and drummer Jared Sather, who said they refined Waveless’ slow, sad sound after disintegrating their previous act, Total Trash, and simultaneously experiencing hard times.