Joesph Cristo


Moody teens

Teenage Moods’ music is well-known in Minneapolis and across the country, but their story is not.  The current incarnation of the band started when singer Gordon Byrd met bass player Jillian Schroeder soon after arriving in Minneapolis. The group took off in 2007. “I met Jillian through Ragstock and ’zine stuff,” Byrd said. “It all kind of happened at once when I moved back from Colorado, living in my van [and] doing a one-man band.”  

Celluloid daydreams

Movies help capture faded memories. Much like celluloid film stock — now considered outdated by many — intimate, impactful film is a rarity. Tonight, the Weisman Art Museum will feature an event entitled, “Movies at WAM.” This event will focus on how film and art interact with time and memory. The first half of the night will feature home movies brought in by community members. Movies of five minutes or less — on any film-based medium, including VHS, 8mm and 16mm film — will be screened. 

From garden to island

While the Walker’s yearly music festival, Rock the Garden, may not have had the Sculpture Garden as a backdrop this year, on Saturday the show went on — this time, at Boom Island Park. The sold-out show was headlined by The Flaming Lips and featured Plague Vendor, GRRRL PRTY, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, M. Ward, Poliça and Chance the Rapper. It seemed as if the whole city was there to enjoy a day of being serenaded in the sun.

Minneapolis fat cats

Their songs are deceptively simple, yet layers of harmonies and shifting rhythmic structures give Catbath’s songs a pure, pop edge. After living together, singer and guitarist  Travis Franklin and drummer Crystal Stockert founded Catbath in February of 2013.  “We didn’t expect much to come of it,” Stockert said. “I had been playing bass in [the band Skipper] and didn’t consider myself a drummer.”

Eat This: Spitz Mediterranean

This May, a new West Coast Mediterranean street-food restaurant — Spitz — opened a Minneapolis branch. At Spitz, a variety of wraps and sandwiches are served — all of which feature the traditional method of spit-roasting meat called “doner.” Inspired by a trip that founder Bryce Rademan  made to Europe in college, Spitz’s mission is to serve traditional Mediterranean food at a cost-effective price. 

Duchess of Minneapolis

Katharine Seggerman wears a headset microphone. A hands-free setup is her saving grace —the singer-drummer strikes her drum set so vigorously that a normal microphone would get in the way.  Her songwriting venture, Lunch Duchess, is a new rock group that’s gaining momentum in Minneapolis. They skewer people from privileged backgrounds and male impotency, all while showcasing Seggerman’s voice and power behind the kit. This combination creates a blend of raw punkish attitude and sunny dream-pop.