Jonathan Ababiy


Ababiy: Will America bounce back?

I saw Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Jon Meacham give a lecture at Northrup Auditorium this month, as part of the Humphrey School's Distinguished Carlson Lecture series. It was a packed house. 

Ababiy: Private universities that cater to the elite don't need your funding

Just 4 percent of American undergraduates attend universities that have acceptance rates under 25 percent, and only 1 percent attend schools with acceptance rates under 10 percent. The seemingly endless checks flowing into the coffers of Johns Hopkins, Harvard and other elite private universities are misdirected. 

Ababiy: CBD, artificial intelligence and Blockchain: aren't you sick of it all?

In an October article in the Minnesota Daily, Wally's Falafel and Hummus owner Wally Sakallah detailed some ambitious plans for the Chatime's storefront. Chatime would leave for a spot near Tim Hortons and Sakallah would launch an innovative new coffee shop, Cosmic Bean Dispensary. Set to open on April 20, just two days before earth day, Cosmic Bean would combine college kids' two favorite plants: coffee and cannabis. 

Ababiy: We need to better protect Minnesota waterways

The confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers at Fort Snelling is visually striking. By the time the Minnesota River reaches the Mississippi, it has become an impenetrable green. The northwoods-turned-urban Mississippi River that you would never dare to swim in looks almost clean next to the Minnesota. 

Ababiy: Our newfound civic energy cannot end at the polls

Voting is crucial for a healthy democracy. But, just as importantly, the civic energy we feel must not end at the polling station. The politicians we elect on Tuesday will disappoint us — they always do — but with the institutions and social movements fueled by our newfound civic energy, we can keep them accountable.  

Ababiy: Government inaction is pushing independent small businesses out of Dinkytown

"Every business tries to stay here as long as possible," said Jason Davis, co-owner of Dinkytown Optical, a business that has been operating in its namesake neighborhood for 45 years. The shop just finished a stint in the half-timbered, decaying building at 1300 SE. 4th St. known for its Bob Dylan mural. In July, Dinkytown Optical and four other long-time businesses had to vacate the building; many of their signs still hang above the empty storefronts.

Ababiy: Neighborhood organizations need the student voice

Developers have had their eyes on Dinkytown for a long time. One Minnesota Daily article from 2013 reported that "more than half of Dinkytown property owners surveyed by the Minnesota Daily have been approached by a developer interested in their land."A look at Google's Street View shows these developers have been successful.

Ababiy: Minneapolis 2040 housing plan is a step in the right direction

The latest draft of Minneapolis 2040, the City's comprehensive plan, is a step in the right direction on the central issue of growing housing while ensuring it stays affordable. Its endorsement of density and triplexes, while not the complete solution to the affordable housing crisis, helps ensure Minneapolis continues to provide affordable housing options to all of its residents. Everyone in Minneapolis deserves a home.