Kate Drakulic


SooVAC's Artists Holiday Shop open through December

Soo Visual Arts Center (SooVAC) opened its doors Friday morning to celebrate the first day of the center's annual Artists Holiday Shop. Located just off of Lyndale Avenue in Uptown, the shop features a variety of prints, paintings, handmade jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and more within a wide price range.

Q&A: UMN adjunct professor and visual artist Sam Hoolihan

Wednesday night, Trylon Cinema quickly sold out as University of Minnesota alumnus and adjunct professor Sam Hoolihan presented “Silence with Sound,” a collection of Super 8 and 16-mm films. The highlight of the evening was Hoolihan’s most recent work, “Stasis & Motion,” a 16-mm film consisting of three black and white projections, as well as live vocals and music by local artists John Marks and Crystal Myslajek. 

31st Fall Iron Pour sparks teamwork

Not many people know that the University of Minnesota houses a foundry inside the depths of the Regis Center for Art, and even fewer know that students operate the heavy machinery. On Tuesday night, the University foundry bustled with students and spectators eager to witness the 31st Annual Fall Iron Pour.

Designing the Land of the Dead

At McNeal Hall, design students can often be seen squinting into laptop screens, cursing Adobe software or snoozing in the lobby. Thursday morning was an exception. Students arrived excited and eager to hear from Chris Bernardi, sets supervisor of Disney Pixar’s “Coco.” 

Gustavo Germano’s 'Ausencias/Absences' brought to the Quarter Gallery at Regis

Argentine photographer Gustavo Germano’s exhibition “Ausencias/Absences" opened at Regis Center for Art on Friday night.  Brought to the University largely on behalf of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Professor Ana Forcinito, the photographs confront the state-enforced disappearances that took place during the 1960s to 1980s dictatorships in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Art across cultures at Small World Coffee Hour at Weisman Art Museum

Henna, Bollywood, ink paintings and jazz — the theme of Friday afternoon was art.  As part of their weekly meetings, Small World Coffee Hour hosted a special event in collaboration with the Weisman Art Museum and a handful of student groups to celebrate what art represents across cultures.