Kate Drakulic


Q&A: College of Design Dean Carol Strohecker

The College of Design recently hired Carol Strohecker as the dean, a role that hasn’t been permanently filled for the past two academic years. Previously the vice provost at Rhode Island School of Design, Dean Strohecker’s goal is to bring stability and prosperity to the college.

Department of Art hosts visiting artist Sonia Barrett

Participating in the University of Minnesota Art Department’s Visiting Artists and Critics Program (VACP), international artist Sonia Barrett made studio visits with graduate students, held workshops and publicly spoke about her work while in Minneapolis last week. Her talk took place Thursday night at the InFlux Space at the Regis Center for Art. 

NEMAA’s AutumNE art show features University of Minnesota alumni

Located at the Solar Arts Building, the opening reception of Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association’s AutumNE art show featured over 150 original artworks from NEMAA artists. Live music flooded the gallery space while visitors observed a wide variety of artwork throughout Friday night. 

Q&A: UMN Theatre Alumnus Ian Truitner

Recently awarded the UMN Alumni of Notable Achievement Award for his work as a filmmaker and media entrepreneur, Ian Truitner was in town to see his film to its final destination at the Twin Cities Film Fest. The theater graduate sat down with A&E to discuss his past, the present and film’s future.

Campus arts celebrated at CLA’s Arts Quarter Festival

The night started off with a bang — or rather a multitude of them. A group dressed as a videographer, a bunny, a gorilla and a creepy-masked pig ran around 21st Avenue, clashing cymbals and throwing condoms at unwary Arts Quarter Festival attendees. It was evident that the festival had begun.

Street Style: Zombie Pub Crawl

Saturday night, zombies of all shapes and goriness flooded the streets and made their way to the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis for the 13th annual Zombie Pub Crawl. Thunderstorms only added to the night's eerie atmosphere and the rain made spooky costumes even scarier. Here are the most noteworthy:

Rich and bold, sweet and spicy or smooth and gourd-y? A latte review.

As temperatures and (quite probably) academic grades plummet, the perfect fall latte is a must-have when cozying up to study.  This week, A&E scoured the streets from West Bank to Southeast Como in search of a latte with rich flavors and reminiscent of autumns past. A latte so bold you actually stand a chance of working on the homework you brought along to the cafe, a latte unlike any other: here are campus’s finest.

MIA's Print and Drawing Fair reaches its 24th year

Upon entrance to the fair, hundreds of prints came into sight. With prices starting at $200 and many exceeding $1,500, prints hung from dealers' gallery walls and were stacked and spread across tables for the public to browse. Over a somewhat dreary weekend, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) celebrated their 24th Annual Minneapolis Print & Drawing Fair with an abundance of colorful prints for colorful prices. 

History through the looking glass

Working for nearly 12 hours a day in the Weisman Art Museum galleries last week, Beth Lipman installed “One Portrait of One Man,” an original glass piece inspired by Marsden Hartley’s painting “One Portrait of One Woman.” Lipman, who lives in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, began working with WAM as part of a commissioned artist program.