Kate Drakulic


Prayers for ancestors passed and Intermedia Arts

Festival de las Calaveras is a multimedia and multidisciplinary arts exhibition that highlights Day of the Dead and explores correlating social justice issues through Latinx art, music and discussion. The opening reception for the exhibition took place Thursday at Intermedia Arts on Lyndale Avenue South, despite announcements of financial crisis and staff cuts.

Communicating "otherness" through art

Curated by the University of Minnesota’s Women’s Center, the Appleby Hall Art (AHA!) Gallery recently installed “Other,” by artist and University English Ph.D. candidate, Saeide Mirzaei.  “Other,” consists of six vibrant oil paintings on stretched canvas. Varying in size, some include nature or local city landscapes, and each includes a female figure, often portrayed in traditional Iranian dress. 

Q&A: Through the eyes of Wendy Perron

Last week, Wendy Perron — author of “Through the Eyes of a Dancer,” editor at large for Dance Magazine and adjunct teacher at NYU Tisch School of the Arts — was invited to speak to a stage full of University of Minnesota Theatre Arts and Dance students. Afterwards, students waited in line to have their copies of Perron's book signed by her, and A&E had a chance to ask a few questions.

University voices chime in on what to expect from campus fashion this fall

As the air cools and the leaves turn red, so will our wardrobes. However, the birth of new trends means the inevitable death of old ones. According to a University of Minnesota Apparel Design professor, a student and a local women’s fashion boutique owner, these are the fall fashion trends campus is bound to see.

Exploring Geopolitics through Collaboration and Conversation

It can be quite easy to overlook ecological crises amid the seemingly more immediate crises of everyday life; but World of Matter, an international collective that investigates global material extraction, aims to bring ecology to the forefront. “World of Matter: Mobilizing Materialities” is a multi-disciplinary exhibition which explores how natural resources have been exploited and circulated, and the devastating impacts these practices cause for local and global geopolitics.

At Weisman, a new take on curation and collaboration

As a practicing artist with a Ph.D in color science and an extensive background in printing technologies, computer programming and digital color imaging, Boris Oicherman can now add “Cindy and Jay Ihlenfeld Curator for Creative Collaborations,” to his long list of credentials. Hired earlier in the summer by the Weisman Art Museum, he has a big project ahead of him.

Music, art, condoms and community: All present at WAM-O-RAMA

Nothing brings broke college kids together like free art, music and pizza, and the Weisman Art Museum hit these marks Friday.  Considered the Weisman’s kick off to the school year, WAM-O-RAMA is an event curated by a collaboration of student groups, including the WAM Collective, Student Unions and Activities and Whole Music Club. It has been running for more than 20 years.