Katie Lauer


Review: Glass Animals brought energetic melodies, floods of color and pineapples to their sold-out St. Paul show

Supporting their sophomore album, "How to Be a Human Being," the genre-bending indie rock band Glass Animals came to the Palace Theatre Wednesday. They opened their set to a sold out crowd with the lively song “Life Itself.”  The rhythmic drums, driving synths and a pineapple disco ball got the theater jumping from the start. The band never missed a beat while telling the stories of the many characters featured on their 2016 album, from the slick riffs of “Poplar St” and the 80s-videogame-esque keys of “Season 2 Episode 3.”

At LALA Festival, art and intimate conversation

A circle of wooden table chairs, beige floral ottomans and a red cloth couch set the stage for artful dialogue at the Red Eye Theater Saturday. Part of the three-day LALA Festival, a group of around 25 artists and attendees, discussed identity, voices and inspiration openly and cozily.

River Rats bring their love of waterskiing to the Mississippi

The thought of being pulled behind a speeding boat and launched off of a ramp while balancing on skis may scare some. It is for Freddie Plessner, but he loves doing it anyway. “[I like] the fear of it and the adrenaline building up when you're going up the ramp and just stepping off of a ski,” 12-year-old Plessner said.

Summer classes are short, ceramics are forever

Ceramics is an art form that you can interact with, feel and even talk to. So, when University of Minnesota psychology senior Claire Nusbaum heard that Crisis Connection — a local mental health crisis hotline where she volunteers — was on the verge of shutting down, she wanted to respond with art. The result is an installation project she’s created in her summer ceramics course.

Live action role play group calls Van Cleve Park home

Water breaks are an important part of any active sport, from basketball to tennis. They're even more important when the players wear long cotton tunics, leather armor and boots. That's the uniform of a handful of men and women who play Dagorhir, a type of live action role play.

U students to bring film noir to Fringe Festival

Some say the best ideas begin as sketches on napkins. That’s exactly how “Hot Air,” a film noir-inspired play created by University of Minnesota students, got its start. Art junior Fletcher Wolfe had written “Hot Air” as a short story when English and theater junior Nick Saxton, came to him wanting to write a play.

Describing the details

When Maureen Pranghofer went to the movie theater to see “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” she wasn’t sure if Drew Barrymore’s character was laying out Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s or Starbursts for her visitor from space. Pranghofer is blind, so her husband described to her what was happening on screen.

Treading North is treading on

For Treading North’s front man Gabriel Rodreick, moving downstairs to rehearsal takes as much orchestration as the music itself. Rodreick has used a wheelchair for the last nine years, ever since he injured his spinal cord in a Pacific Ocean diving accident.