Katie Salai


UMN researchers outline wearable tech for managing stress

A University of Minnesota project combines robotics, simulated hugs and AI conversations in hopes of an eventual day-to-day stress tracking technology. In a paper to be submitted by May 3 for the International Symposium on Wearable Computers, College of Design researchers detail a compression vest that can be used to relieve stress. A University of Minnesota Grand Challenges Initiative looks to combine three devices: a compression vest, a biometric-gathering bracelet and an at-home AI assistant into a stress management plan. 

Founder of African American Studies department retires

“Savor these days, they won’t come again,” is the advice John Wright said he would have told his younger self — before overtaking Morrill Hall, before helping found an African studies department in the 60s, before coming to the University of Minnesota.

UMN finds safety in an antibiotic

Research released April 2 by the University’s Department of Animal Science found that an antibiotic commonly used in ethanol production does not seem to cause antibiotic resistance. Loss of production due to bacterial contamination has always been an issue for ethanol facilities. However, antibiotics may help if resistance doesn’t block their effectiveness.

UMN researchers create window into a mouse's brain

Research released on April 2 by the University’s mechanical engineering department introduced a new 3D-printed skull implant to help study the brain for longer durations. Researchers said they can observe anything from Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease to concussions and drug use.