Keaton Schmitt


Study finds link between obesity and depression relapse

While obese people have a 50 percent chance of developing depression, doctors are unsure why. A study published last month shows there may be a chemical link between obesity and depression, but biological links to explain other depression risk factors remain unknown. Psychiatrists have known obesity correlates with depression for years but haven’t known the biological reason, said David Bond, a University psychiatry associate professor and author on the study. “[Many studies] have looked at whether being obese predicts later developing depression,” Bond said.

U researchers to examine racial disparities in senior care

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are flipping the script on how they study racism in senior care. A five-year study — funded by a $1.8 million National Institutes of Health grant — will assess racial disparities in nursing homes and how they correlate with resident care and quality of life.

U research team to study high rate of African American maternal death

African American women are twice as likely to die during pregnancy, regardless of wealth or class — and now, a University of Minnesota research team wants a model of prenatal care that addresses this issue. The team partnered with the only African American-owned birth center in the U.S.

University lab working to develop synthetic life

Man-made molecules that mimic cells but aren’t alive could be used to study illnesses that kill natural life. A University of Minnesota lab wants to use simplified versions of cells — more resilient than natural ones — to study dangerous diseases in detail, test new drugs or even define life on other planets.

University research tracks source of cancer mutation

A previously unknown molecule in roughly half of the world’s population that helps cancer fight treatment was recently found through University of Minnesota research. Late last month, a University lab published a study which found an enzyme — A3H-I — that mutates cancer.

University student fends off robbery attempt

A University student was tackled in an attempted robbery Thursday night just east of Northrop Plaza. Kaitlin Lalmond, a piano performance junior was walking through Lilly plaza at around 9:15 p.m.

University lab seeks solution for pesky PFCs

The safety of the water supply in some Minnesota towns is being scrutinized after new federal guidelines determined the water contained too much of a potentially cancerous chemical. In May, the Environmental Protection Agency reduced the amount of Perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, allowed in drinking water after research showed they might cause negative health effects.