Kelly Busche


Marcy-Holmes' art history housed on new website

The Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association is putting the area’s art history in focus. MHNA debuted Creative Spark: Marcy-Holmes, a website dedicated to displaying historic and contemporary art of the neighborhood, on Sept. 23. More than 100 pieces are available for viewing on the new website. 

Cam Gordon seeks to highlight public health, environmental issues once re-elected

Cam Gordon has used cross-party collaboration to accomplish Green Party priorities in his time on the Minneapolis City Council. Gordon, a council member representing the city’s second ward, which covers University neighborhoods Stadium Village, Prospect Park and Como, has led many movements in his 11 years on the job. Still, Gordon says there’s more work to be done — including addressing public health, anti-immigrant attitudes and environmental issues.

New alliance advocates for Prospect Park businesses

New developments in Prospect Park have sparked the creation of a business alliance. The Towerside Business Alliance, set to publicly launch Monday, will promote and advocate for businesses in the University of Minnesota neighborhood. Members include Surly Brewing and T-Rex Cookies.

University students scammed by fake apartment subleasers

More students are succumbing to housing scams as the University of Minnesota's rental market tightens. Scammers posted fake subleasing advertisements on Craigslist and in unofficial University housing groups on Facebook, targeting students who use the sites to find housing.

Al's Breakfast joins 'crowded' Dinkytown late-night scene

New Al’s Breakfast co-owner Alison Kirwin is taking the 67-year-old business in an unexpected direction. Al’s Breakfast began offering weekend late-night hours — with an exclusive menu — for the first time Sept. 8. While students are excited for the opportunity to have breakfast at night, staffing the late-night hours has been a challenge.

New Cedar-Riverside initiative seeks to boost employment rates

A new Cedar-Riverside employment organization seeks to slash unemployment rates in the community. Pioneer Staffing and Training, which will launch next week, will be the first employment center in Minneapolis that is a public benefit corporation — a for-profit business also focused on societal impact. Around 18 percent of Cedar-Riverside residents are unemployed, while the statewide unemployment rate sits close to 4 percent.

Campus crime increases with return of students and faculty

As students and faculty return to campus each fall, crime rates frequently spike.   Some types of crime were reported more during this year’s welcome week than last. Incidents of theft and property damage have eclipsed those from last year.

University class proposes improvements to Como traffic diverters

A plan proposed by a University of Minnesota forestry class could ease traffic woes in a local neighborhood. Many Southeast Como residents want renovations to the neighborhood's 40-year-old traffic diverters — blockades that reroute and slow traffic — on residential streets connecting East Hennepin Avenue and Como Avenue Southeast.