Kristina Busch


New cellphone repair service store opens in Stadium Village

As the temperature gets colder and the sidewalks get icier, a single slip might mean a cracked phone for students. But a new store, CPR: Cell Phone Repair opened its doors in Stadium Village Thursday to offer a solution to winter mishaps.

U study says transit does not have impact on public health

While many click-bait articles have headlines that claim using public transportation has a significant impact on health, a University of Minnesota study, which explored the correlation between transit and public health, found that there was no significant evidence showing that using public transit improves health. “For the last 10-15 years, people have been saying they want people to be walking or using transit because there is a significant health benefit,” said David Levinson, University transportation studies senior research associate and co-author of the study.

University of Minnesota Police see surge in fake ID cases

While many underage students attempt to buy alcohol from liquor stores or bars using fake IDs every year, the University has seen a surge in the number of cases involving fake IDs this year. The University of Minnesota Police Department has investigated 17 fake ID cases this year.

Body cams will be worn by all MPD officers

Amid nationwide discussions about police conduct, the city of Minneapolis has adopted body cams. Earlier this month, the Minneapolis Police Department announced officers in all five precincts will wear body cameras while on duty.

University participates in voter registration contest

Encouraging college students to go out and vote has historically been a tough feat. Hoping to reverse that trend, the University of Minnesota is participating in the Minnesota College Ballot Bowl, a program created to encourage students across the state to register to vote. The University is one of 68 campuses in the contest, which pits colleges throughout the state against each other to get the most voters to the ballot box on Election Day. The program will award the schools with the highest student registration with prizes and a visit from Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon, whose office is putting on the event. In order to encourage younger voters to register, Simon thought the contest would spur some friendly rivalry.