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Judging a book by more than its cover

Rare booksellers and collectors have created a culture where the copy-specific story of a book is what gives it value, not just what is written in the pages.

A&E’s summer concert guide

Summer in the Twin Cities brings some incredible acts. If you’ve been studying hard this past year, it’s finally time to let loose. Fear not, A&E did all of the research for you. Here are some concerts you won’t want to miss this summer.

Ricky Lagoon croons his tunes

For one night only, the comedy concert “Ricky Lagoon: He Croons!” will include classic swing and jazz tunes with never before heard jokes, performed for the first and last time at the Cedar Cultural Center. 

Blythe Baird has more to slam

She is dressed in pastel pinks and purples. Lace is draped across her arms. The image is gentle — but the story she tells is candid and cutthroat. Her words invoke a processing of emotions and exclamations of survivorship. Blythe Baird writes her poems to aid understanding within herself, and to help others understand what it’s like to have the experiences she’s had. 

Just give them a guitar and a week

The word “challenge” frequently follows the word “creative” when a tight deadline is involved. For five Minneapolis musicians, a recent creative challenge included writing and recording a brand new song in one week, all using the same guitar.

Gully Boys comes into their own

No brothers have a bond like that of the Gully Boys. Drives between shows on the band's last tour could be described as similar to the “Tiny Dancer” scene in the 2000 film “Almost Famous.”

Culture compass: Snoop Dogg, climate and safety

The Wake, Radio K and Women for Political Change are partnering for this event to help with some fundraising for The Aurora Center. The benefit event will include comedy from Fool’s Errand and Kate McCarthy, as well as music by Nikhil Barr, Alec McKee and Sleeping Jesus. This is a great opportunity to see some great local talent while supporting a local organization. 

Q&A: Como horticulturist talks flower shows and apartment plants

Paul Knuth, a University of Minnesota alum, is a horticulturist and supervisor at the Como Conservatory. He's been planting, ordering and growing here for almost 30 years. A&E sat down with Knuth to learn more about where his interest in flora came from and what it takes to put on a flower show.

Looking for love, a sense of self

Nostalgia and longing are emotions meant to be felt wholly and expressed authentically. Stephanie Sunberg and James Molitor prefer to capture them in photo. The two Minneapolis-based artists find nostalgia and longing in others and in themselves — like two lovers or creators of an intimate self-portrait.