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Northeast coffee shop serves up local music

Five Watt Coffee’s Northeast location, which opened about a year ago, is quickly becoming a hub for local musicians to gather and share their work. The shop’s “Bummer Strummer Sessions” feature heavyhearted acoustic tunes that invite everyone in the room to find camaraderie through what's described as “intimate feels.”

TransFabulous provides creative outlet — one medium at a time

With blank pages in front of them, participants sat at tables organized in a tight, intimate circle. Observing the different charcoal tools available to them, they listened to the artist describe their various uses. TransFabulous workshops create a space for trans youth — though all are welcome — to express themselves through different artistic mediums while connecting the Twin Cities trans community. This month’s workshop ran last Wednesday and presented charcoal as an artistic outlet.

Viewing Twin Cities zine culture through punk art, inclusive attitudes

Walking into the Minneapolis Central Library, you hear an unfamiliar buzz of conversation echoing off the walls of the otherwise quiet place. You go up the escalator and are immediately greeted with tables of original art, an infinite number of stickers and proud, smiling faces. This is the Twin Cities Zine Fest.

UMN alum Anna Marie Shogren dances with discipline

University of Minnesota alumna Anna Marie Shogren is always glad to get her heart rate up. She did just that on Friday, positioning herself back at her alma mater for the night to perform at WAM-O-Rama.