Lew Blank


Blank: Solving climate change requires more than just solar panels

The bottom line is this: renewable energy is essential to the fight against climate change. But due to the fact that the majority of our emissions stem from non-electric processes, and converting these processes to electricity can be very expensive if not downright impossible, we shouldn’t be convinced that renewables represent 100 percent of the solution to climate change.

Blank: University of Minnesota students need Medicare for all

As we watch the ongoing Democratic debates and think about the upcoming election, we need to remember that Medicare For All and free college aren’t just esoteric policies. They have real-world effects that can genuinely improve mental health, happiness, and well-being for students and citizens of the U.S. alike. 

Blank: Boycotts of Israel are not Anti-semitic

With Jewish communities at the University of Minnesota and across the U.S. living in a state of fear, our efforts should be fully focused on combating anti-Semitic hate and violence. That’s why it’s unfortunate that some groups have conflated hatred and violence against Jews with perfectly legitimate criticisms of the state of Israel, inaccurately labeling both as anti-Semitism.