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QueerX lecture covers toxic masculinity and war

An immigrant from Afghanistan connected his wartime experiences with stereotypes of toxic masculinity at a lecture on gender roles at the University of Minnesota on Friday. The lecture, called Men, Masks and Toxic Masculinities, was given by Ahmad Qais Munhazim and described the damaging effects of the pressure men feel to adhere to gender stereotypes.

Students seeking new environmental justice minor

Though the University of Minnesota's College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences offers a wide range of majors and minors, some students feel the college is lacking when it comes to environmentalism's connection to the struggles of oppressed people. 

CSE students hopeful for more diversity

The College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota held a workshop Saturday morning to explore diversity and better integrate underrepresented students into the college. 

Public health students call for more diversity in program

Over a three day period this week, students in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota were given the opportunity to share stories of difficulties under-resourced or marginalized students may face in their courses. 

UMN’s lone ambassadors: students reflect on being only one at school from country

Students from 26 countries face the rare experience of being the only students from their nation at the University of Minnesota. These students come from a variety of continents. There are ten from Africa, six from Europe and five from both the Americas and Asia, according to data from the Office of Institutional Research at the University from fall 2017. To be "from" a country, an applicant had to be living there when they applied.

Workshop seeks to increase LGBT awareness in STEM fields

Through a workshop Thursday at the University of Minnesota, the LGBT community attempted to counter discrimination against less recognized genders and sexualities through reiterating the role allies can play in LGBT acceptance. 

Wellness Wednesday connects diversity to 'The Walking Dead'

Wellness Wednesdays, a new project led by the University’s School of Public Health, is a series dedicated to “pursuing wellness in less than traditional ways,” said project organizer Lauren Eldridge, the School of Public Health’s coordinator of diversity, equity and inclusion.