Liv Martin


Digging in: Fig + Farro makes food to fuel the climate change resistance

On a recent Saturday afternoon at Fig + Farro in Calhoun Square, customers conversed in the large dining area, with its contemporary, mismatched wooden tables and chairs, warm lighting fixtures, cozy booths and sprawling bar. Now a year-and-a-half old, the restaurant, which began as a vegetarian establishment, serves a vibrant and much-loved vegan menu. The switch is part of the restaurant’s larger mission: fighting climate change. 

Q&A: Ladybrain talks new show, 'Hysteria'

Ladybrain made waves this past summer with its first show, “Ladybrain: A Sketch Comedy Revue,” which explored the male gaze and the "Free the Nipple" movement, among other things. 

'The Art of Avoiding PPL' is relatable for anyone with anxiety

Jose Dominguez never planned to show his intricate, colorful journal pages to anyone. But, there he was, at the opening of his first solo show in years Saturday night at the Public Functionary gallery. The large, open room — equipped with a DJ and plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer — was filled with admirers of his work.