Liz Anderson


Transit extension could help commuters

Students who travel from the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis could see a faster commute to campus in the near future. Amid recent discussions surrounding the expansion of transportation in the state, a newly proposed light rail line could offer University of Minnesota students a faster commute to campus.

Obama touts bold swath of policies

In his sixth State of the Union address, President Barack Obama targeted the middle class, calling attention to college affordability and offering tax breaks, as well as discussing other proposals to alleviate financial strain. “Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort?” Obama said in the speech.

University representative appointed Met Council chair

A University of Minnesota representative was appointed chair of the Metropolitan Council Friday by Governor Mark Dayton.   Adam Duininck, who is currently the head of the transportation committee, will now serve as fulltime as chair. He represents St. Anthony and East Minneapolis areas, which encompasses the University. The decision comes after Duininck announced in December he would be applying to replace Susan Haigh, who was appointed chair in 2011.

CBS dean candidates make cases

Four academics from the Big Ten, the SEC and the Ivy League are jockeying to lead the College of Biological Sciences. The candidates — Mark Farmer, Lynne Regan, Valery Forbes and Kelly Mayo — presented their visions for the college’s future to faculty, staff and students over the past two weeks, each highlighting the importance of research and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Making dreams reality, one room at a time

Thirteen-year-old Jessica Helmbreck has battled bone cancer most of her life. But despite constant chemotherapy sessions, she’s remained positive, surrounded by her family, friends and a redesigned room that gleams with bright pink walls and paintings of flowers and butterflies.

Thanksgiving break leaves some international students without a place to eat

When the University of Minnesota closes for Thanksgiving later this week, many students will go home to eat a traditional holiday dinner with family and friends. But that trip home isn’t an option for some students. While residence halls remain open during the long weekend for students who choose to stay on campus, dining halls shut down Thursday through Saturday, leaving some international students worried about where they’ll get their meals.

New student group hopes to create community change

A small group of passionate University of Minnesota students is teaming up to spur change on and off campus. The students are part of the new University chapter of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a national organization with more than 100 chapters that aims to give students the opportunity to address issues affecting their school and local community by drafting new policies for area leaders. 

University community criticizes diversity efforts

After a student group raised criticism on the University of Minnesota’s commitment to diversity, President Eric Kaler has plans to confront their concerns. While administrators say the school is working toward building a more diverse climate, the student organization Whose Diversity? is among a group of students, staff and faculty that is criticizing the institution’s efforts to increase and retain students and employees from a range of backgrounds.