Marion Renault


Culture in OIT led to step-down

The culture in the University of Minnesota’s Office of Information Technology — not allegations of mismanagement and possible misuse of funds — led to a University vice president’s resignation earlier this month, school officials said last week.  

Obama speaks at Lake Harriet

President Barack Obama continued to denounce Republicans in the last speech of his two-day trip to Minnesota. In his address to 3,500 people at the Lake Harriet Band Shell late Friday morning, the president claimed that the GOP blocked or voted down “every single serious idea to strengthen the middle class.”

Hennepin County stops honoring federal requests to hold detainees

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek announced earlier this month that his office will no longer honor federal requests to hold immigrant inmates without judicial authority. After talks with advocacy groups and push from local elected officials, law enforcement officials will stop complying with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests to hold prisoners with potential immigration issues for 48 hours past their normal release time. Shortly after Stanek’s announcement, Ramsey County officials followed suit.

Heavy rain causes West Bank mudslide

Record-breaking rainfall Thursday pushed a large chunk of a West Bank hill into the Mississippi River, temporarily putting the University of Minnesota’s Fairview Medical Center at risk. No injuries occurred during the incident, but city and hospital officials are still keeping a close watch on the affected area, where weather forecasts show a chance of thunderstorms for the rest of the week.

Rain causes West Bank mudslide

A mudslide behind the University of Minnesota's Fairview Medical Center occurred Thursday evening after day-long rain pushed a large chunk of the hill located immediately behind the West Bank hospital into the Mississippi river. No one was injured during the incident and officials are working to provide more information.

The Wright legacy

They didn’t chant, and they didn’t carry signs. The faces that made up the double-file line of black University of Minnesota students looked only straight ahead. They were moments away from opening a wound on the school’s white and sensitive skin.

Kill switch bill signed into law

Starting next summer, when a new smartphone gets lost or stolen, the owner will be able to render it unusable. Gov. Mark Dayton signed a new law into effect Wednesday that requires a “kill switch” for all new smartphones and cell-connected tablets sold in the state after July 1, 2015. Minnesota is the first state in the country to pass this type of law. The kill switch function would allow for the device to be remotely disabled and for its memory to be wiped if stolen or lost. 

Call spikes strain security program

Once the sun sets, the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus becomes a void. Its paths are lit only by the occasional lamppost, its buildings drained of their 70,000 daytime inhabitants. Only the scratch of walkie-talkies and roving footsteps break the silence as campus security monitors make their rounds, walking the late-night studiers and stragglers home late into the night.