Max Chao


MSA tries new format for mental health discussion

On Tuesday night, around 20 students gathered to discuss mental health over coffee, donuts and coloring pages. The students gathered at the Whole Music Club in Coffman Memorial Union to share experiences and mental health strategies at an event hosted by the Minnesota Student Association’s health and wellness committee. The meeting was the first of its kind this year.

Campus groups start student safety committee

Various campus groups formed a student-safety committee in response to a report that revealed how some students feel unsafe at the University of Minnesota and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Student employees trained to recognize mental health struggles

University of Minnesota students can now get guidance and mental health support from fellow students at the help desk in Bruininks Hall. This semester, the help desk, called Helping U, added two student employees to its staff of four and trained the group in mental health support techniques. They also learned about the various resources available on campus for students struggling with mental illness.

Board of Regents to vote on dissolving 4-H foundation

The 4-H Foundation may soon be dissolved into the University of Minnesota Foundation in favor of a new funding system. On Oct. 13, University of Minnesota Extension brought a resolution to the Board of Regents to change its existing funding structures for the state’s 4-H programs.

MSA compiling list of problematic landlords

Students at the University of Minnesota will soon have access to a list identifying landlords who violate housing policies, along with other resources to protect them from landlord mistreatment.  In late November, MSA plans to launch a landlord accountability campaign that educates students on housing issues, increases awareness of troublesome landlords and features an eventual state-level legislation push.