Michael Achterling


Dayton and legislative leaders preview upcoming session

Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders met Tuesday to preview the upcoming session before its Feb. 20 start date. The hour-long forum, hosted by the Forum News Service at the Senate Office Building in St. Paul, focused on legislative priorities and legal conflicts between the executive and legislative branches. 

Training and collaboration helped police resolve Graduate Hotel standoff

The 38-hour standoff at the Graduate Hotel on the University of Minnesota campus last week ended without harm. The end to the standoff was made possible by a coalition of law enforcement agencies that collaborated to secure the suspect, 43-year-old Rashad Bowman of Woodbury. Law enforcement officials say police and SWAT training for prevention of mass-casualty events was partially responsible for ending the standoff.

Minnesota political candidates look to gain momentum at precinct caucuses

State lawmakers and gubernatorial hopefuls will look to gain momentum for their election campaigns at precinct caucuses this week. Political party caucuses begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in precincts throughout the state. Candidates vying for the governor’s position and seats in the state House will also attempt to expose new participants to the process.

Dayton’s bonding proposal optimistic for UMN, but history remains less certain

The University of Minnesota’s 2018 bonding request is among its largest in the past five years.  But that hasn’t stopped Gov. Mark Dayton from proposing full funding for the University’s request, plus an additional $60 million the school didn’t ask for. Dayton unveiled his higher education proposal as part of a larger $1.5 billion public works package earlier this month.

Dayton’s bonding proposal includes full funding for UMN

Gov. Mark Dayton proposed a $1.5 billion bonding bill on Tuesday that includes nearly $300 million in spending for the University of Minnesota campuses.  Dayton’s public works package matches the University’s entire 2018 capital request of $238.5 million, plus an additional $60 million for critical facilities maintenance and the design of a new clinical research facility on the University’s Twin Cities campus.

New Minneapolis City Council committee sets sights on affordable housing

A new Minneapolis City Council committee will focus on boosting the city’s affordable housing stock. The formation of a new Housing Policy and Development committee was announced last week with the approval of other standing committees and new council leadership. The HPD committee will have primary oversight on current and future affordable housing policies.

Mayor Jacob Frey and new Minneapolis council members inaugurated

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and new city council members took their oaths of office Monday at a public ceremony in City Hall. The new mayor spoke during his inaugural address about his priorities for the city and offered a hopeful outlook for the future. University of Minnesota-area council members Steve Fletcher and Cam Gordon were also sworn in during the ceremony.