Natalie Rademacher


University adds solar panel sites around campus

A newly constructed structure topped with solar panels that towers over the Mondale Hall parking lot is part of the University of Minnesota’s efforts to increase renewable energy production on campus.

University program funds and supports student projects

Last month, University of Minnesota graduate student Michele Girard won a grant to continue funding a project she has been working on for years: building a sustainable water system that provides clean drinking water for a community in Haiti.

Minnesota's buzzin' about bees

Initiatives to conserve Minnesota's pollinator population are being rolled out locally and statewide. Pollinators, including types of bees and other insects, have been declining in recent years, officials say. But efforts are underway at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Legislature to find ways to protect the communities and create awareness. 

Snow place to go

Some places in the Twin Cities area received over six inches of snow Saturday evening, adding to the record-breaking 39 inches that accumulated in February. The University is having to find new places to store snow as the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, its typical storage site, is likely to hit capacity after the snowfall over the weekend.