Natalie Rademacher


'Manure prof' expands lab at UMN

A research lab on the St. Paul campus is currently being renovated for Wilson to conduct her strong-scented, manure-related research. The addition of the new lab, which will be completed next month, will aid Wilson in finding ways to help the agriculture industry and the environment through her work with manure. 

Morris campus leads nation in sustainability

The University of Minnesota-Morris has a biomass plant that burns corn cobs to heat and cool campus, gusting prairie winds and frequent sunlight – all of which help make the Morris campus a national leader in sustainability efforts and renewable energy sources. 

University launches new research collaborative

Despite the below-zero temperatures and canceled classes, around 60 faculty and staff braved the cold and headed to the McNamara Alumni Center Tuesday afternoon to learn about the University of Minnesota’s new research hub.

UMN collaborates with Puerto Rico to explore sustainable energy

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, many went without electricity for months. Now, students and faculty from the University of Minnesota are working with partners on the island to explore different energy platforms that could withstand future natural disasters. 

The bittersweet life of sugar babies at the University of Minnesota

SeekingArrangement is an online companionship service, which markets itself to college students as a way to make money and mitigate student debt. Many students have used the service to connect with men and women by exchanging companionship, intimacy and often sex for fancy dinners, money and gifts. Though services like SeekingArrangement can be empowering, some say there are safety and legal risks associated with this type of work, which can take an emotional toll. 

New program aims to cut research waste

Efforts are underway by the University of Minnesota’s recycling program to make research laboratories on campus less wasteful. A pilot program was rolled out in Nils Hasselmo Hall this month to collect polypropylene plastic, which includes lab materials like test tubes and pipettes.