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UMN employees push for parental leave equity

University of Minnesota employees are seeking support for a movement to make the institution’s parental leave policy more inclusive. Several governance committees have endorsed a resolution calling for equal amounts of leave for all parent-employees. Its proponents hope to present the document to the University Senate in the spring.

University personnel plan review underway

University of Minnesota administrators are working to strengthen college personnel plans.  Many colleges in the University hadn’t developed these plans — which detail how many faculty members are tenure- and non-tenure-track — for several years. Faculty hope to make these plans more detailed than in years past to ensure administrators are aware of colleges' needs.

'He is University of Minnesota recycling': U employee seeks campus sustainability

Last spring, Dana Donatucci reached out to the University Social Concerns Committee about sponsoring a resolution he wrote encouraging centralized collection and pushing University food vendors to use compostable food service ware. Over the years, Donatucci has developed a reputation as an energetic proponent of recycling and campus sustainability.  

Over 200 union protesters take to Morrill Hall

Protesters gathered outside Morrill Hall on Friday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. to demand better contracts and fair wages for University of Minnesota employees. Over 200 people gathered outside Morrill Hall, holding signs and chanting for higher wages and respect from the University. The picketing event was led by members of Teamsters Local 320, a Minnesota union group for public employees.

No winner in Ward 3 race Tuesday night

No clear winner emerged in the competitive Minneapolis Ward 3 city council race Tuesday night.  Four candidates ran a close race in the ward, which covers the Marcy-Holmes and Dinkytown neighborhoods. The council seat for the nearly 30,000-person district was left open by City Council Member Jacob Frey’s mayoral bid. Voters can expect an announcement with the winner Wednesday at the earliest, following rank-choice tabulation.

New program at UMN aims to promote academic honesty on campus

The University of Minnesota’s Office of Community Standards is implementing new programs to promote academic integrity on campus.  This week, OCS, formerly known as the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, is holding academic integrity week. Various University offices are holding events and workshops throughout the week to promote academic honesty.   “We want people to understand that academic integrity is important, not just for students, but everybody,” said Jessica Kuecker Grotjohn, assistant director of OCS.

UMN professor dies in car crash in Czech Republic

A professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine died in an auto accident in the Czech Republic on Tuesday. Morrison was with his wife and several companions when they were in a car crash north of Prague, according to a statement from College of Veterinary Medicine.