Niamh Coomey


Students push for better campus bus system

Despite the end of a harsh winter, which saw many overcrowded University of Minnesota buses and increased delays, students continue to voice their concerns about campus buses and push for change.

New student government leadership lay out goals

The Minnesota Daily recently sat down with the newly-elected Minnesota Student Association President-designate Mina Kian and Vice President-designate Jael Kerandi to discuss their goals and future initiatives for the 2019-20 school year.

MSA pushes for accessible makerspaces

From sewing machines to 3D printers, makerspaces at the University of Minnesota provide students with a vast array of opportunities for creation and collaboration, and the Minnesota Student Association is pushing to make them available to more students.

MSA president, vice president candidates look to leave their mark

Voting begins this week for the next Minnesota Student Association president and vice president. From affordability to diversity, the 2019-20 MSA president and vice president candidates have a diverse range of goals and visions for the future of the University of Minnesota.