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University graduate Liv Novotny paints the town

“I think that everyone deserves to just look at a beautiful city and be surrounded by art and things that are inspiring [and] colorful,” Novotny said. “Bringing that into spaces can really just change people's mindsets, outlooks on life and how they’re going about it.” 

K-pop student group performs at MOA

K-Move, the University of Minnesota’s Korean pop cover dance group, garnered cheers and applause from a vast audience at the Pan Asian Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon at the Mall of America. 

Bikes, kombucha and social justice: the co-op on frat row

Keith Killian was walking down University Avenue when a member of the Students’ Alliance for Cooperative Living caught his eye in 2014. The University of Minnesota student said he's always been — and dressed as — an expressive person, and knew he found his place when he met members of the cooperative.

UMN researchers estimate cost of national reinsurance program

By analyzing data from two national surveys, researchers at the University of Minnesota have estimated the cost of a national reinsurance program, which could help stabilize health insurance premiums in the unpredictable individual insurance market.