Palmer Haasch


Haasch: Obama-era Title IX guidelines are crucial

A rollback of Title IX would affect students, staff and faculty at the University of Minnesota, notably in the way that sexual assault would be handled at the University level.  It is unclear what the potential effects of a Title IX rollback would be for students or to what extent they would impact the way in which sexual assault cases are handled at the University. However, in the face of a potential rescindment of guidelines that protect victim-survivors, it is imperative that the University make a strong commitment to protecting University students. 

Haasch: Reawakening dormant friendships

In the face of the stress of school and adult life, interpersonal relationships may not seem like a priority, but, to the contrary, they are actually an important source of stress relief and support. Even a quick, “Hey, hope your semester is starting off well!” text can help to nourish a connection that hasn’t been active for months or years.

Haasch: Stop killing queer characters: why TV representation matters

LGBT characters like Lexa of The 100 are being killed at alarming rates on television for shock factor, and the implications of this extend far past the screen.  Television wields tremendous social clout. There’s the obvious, of course — being able to discuss the latest possible incestuous affairs occurring on Game of Thrones or the newest season of American Horror Story provides viewers with valuable social currency.