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18-year-old UMN doctoral student recovering after crash

Many teenagers are starting their first-year of college this fall, but life is different for Lucas Kramer. The 18-year-old is working his way towards his doctorate in computer science at the University of Minnesota and recovering from a severe car accident that almost took his life. 

University researchers develop method to stop genetic interbreeding

Research detailing a new approach developed by University of Minnesota researchers to prevent interbreeding between genetically modified organisms and their natural counterparts was published this month. The new engineering method — called synthetic incompatibility — allows researchers to prevent toxic genes from escaping into the natural population. In the future, researchers hope to apply their findings to fish and other organisms.

New site aims to help students find study spots

The University Of Minnesota Office of Information Technology launched a new website to help students find campus study spaces this month. The Study Space Finder website, launched Oct. 2, shows users a map of nearby study spots, along with photos of the locations and descriptions of seating availability and noise level. Officials say they want to update the site in the near future to include more features based on student feedback.