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UMN economics professor accused of dodging taxes for nearly 12 years

A University of Minnesota economics professor was charged Friday with tax evasion after allegedly not paying state income taxes for nearly 12 years. Beth Elaine Allen was charged with 12 felony and gross misdemeanor counts and owes the state an estimated $59,050, according to charges filed Friday.

UMN joins nationwide effort to archive public data

Coders, technology experts, librarians and archivists gathered for a two-day event to collect, copy and archive public federal data, web pages and studies. Data released by governments isn’t always immune from change or being taken down from easy public access, so volunteers from the University of Minnesota and across the state spent nearly 13 hours over the weekend scouring the web to save public data at DataRescue, which was held at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Similar events have been held recently to archive data that some say is at risk of being wiped from federal websites by the President Donald Trump’s administration.

Immigrants are a vital part of Minnesota's labor force, report says

Amid a decline in population growth, Minnesota needs to attract more immigrants to keep pace with its economic development, according to a University of Minnesota report released last month. The report — citing a projected decline in population growth — concludes that Minnesota needs to use its existing resources and capital to increase skills for immigrant work to keep pace with its economic growth. The study was conducted by University’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “A focus on attracting more immigrants is an imperative for Minnesota in order to address the challenges linked to the slowing growth of the state’s population and labor force,” the report said. Local community leader Mohamud Noor and Minneapolis Ward 6 City Council Member Abdi Warsame said there needs to be more infrastructure and opportunities made available to immigrant populations. Noor said many jobs that are available to new immigrants are ones that require limited skills, often jobs in warehouses or airports. Noor is the executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, which focuses on education, youth programs, employment and career help.

Muslim Students Association repaints vandalized bridge panel

Colorful hand prints now cover the Washington Avenue Bridge panel once spray painted with the word “ISIS.” The Muslim Students Association invited students to join them Friday as they re-painted their panels which were vandalized last week. The group’s three panels were whitewashed after the vandalism and have stood blank since.

Two officers involved in Jamar Clark shooting wont be disciplined

The two police officers involved in the shooting death of Jamar Clark in November 2015 followed procedure and won’t be disciplined, the Minneapolis Police Department announced Friday. MPD Chief Janee Harteau said the decision came after an exhaustive internal investigation surrounding the officers — Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze — involved in the shooting death of Jamar Clark, according to a news release.

In Loring Park, protesters rally for justice in fatal shooting of Philando Castile

Over a hundred protesters gathered in Loring Park Saturday to stand in solidarity after the death of Philando Castile. The rally, led by Nekima Levy-Pounds — president of Minneapolis’s chapter of the NAACP — and other leaders in the community demanded changes to the criminal justice system; in addition, the demonstrators advocated for increased accountability among police departments, nationwide.

Bus stop surveys could change transit accessibility

Bus stops in Cedar-Riverside and other Minneapolis neighborhoods could get a facelift based on information from a new user survey. This year, Metro Transit began an extensive community engagement project to survey several different neighborhoods to find how to improve bus stops in the areas. Recently, Cedar-Riverside officials started the surveys in their neighborhood. The survey is part of a $4 million federal grant awarded to Metro Transit.

University of Minnesota awards Prince with honorary doctorate

He went by Prince, then an unpronounceable glyph, and now a new moniker has been added to the mix — Dr. Prince. On Friday, the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents unanimously voted to award an Honorary Doctor of Humane Arts to Prince. The preeminent Minnesota-born singer, songwriter, actor, producer and multi-instrumentalist passed away on April 21. William Tolman, chair of the University Senate’s All-University Honors Committee, said though the award is being conferred posthumously, the final process for honoring Prince began in the fall of 2015.